The Hampton Book

For the past few years, on and off I have been looking at some photographs that intrigued me ever since I first saw them. If you know what to look for, they are easy to find online: The photographs Frances Benjamin Johnston took at the…

The Meme Is the Message

Ordinary Notes

The Japanese

A Conversation with Thana Faroq


The project is not your friend


Ein Dorf

Is your project merely a series of photographs?

Songs in a strange land

Ordinary People

Behold the digital Wunderkammer!


Rental Person Who Does Nothing

Women at Work

Deutschland im Herbst

Ordinary Things


Gerry Johansson — The Beginnings

A new view of photography

Packing My Library

Was Ray a Laugh?

Claire Dederer’s Monsters

how shall we greet the sun

Koechlin House

The Sapper

The Oldest Thing

Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji


The Enigma of Belonging

Tout va bien

Stills & Stones

Brief Experiments With Dall.E 3

The Oilmen and Their Rigs

The Neoliberal Photo Museum Is Not Your Friend


Confusion and Hostility

APP: Three Years Later

The Problem with Helmut Newton

Ábel Szalontai’s Repetitive Sublime

Céline van Balen 1965-2023

Kazumichi, Hiromichi: Daidō

A Certain Idea of a Natural History

We Stay

Україна Yelena Yemchuk

Hidden under the Amstel

Un cuerpo escupe sol

A Sense of Longing

Whose Responsibility?


Against Narrative

See you in June!

Conversations about Germany: Thomas Weski

Depravity’s Rainbow

Photography and Art

Better Not Move

Thoughts on AI Images: Art, Very Convincing Nonsense, and Visual Literacy

Another world

This Almost Empty Road

1912 – 1949 – 1978