See you in June!

I’m going to be out of town almost all of May, teaching in Budapest (Hungary). Consequently, this site is going to be on hiatus. I’ll be back with regular programming in early June. Meanwhile, I will continue posting new articles on my Patreon. There, you…

Conversations about Germany: Thomas Weski

Depravity’s Rainbow

Photography and Art

Better Not Move

Thoughts on AI Images: Art, Very Convincing Nonsense, and Visual Literacy

Another world

This Almost Empty Road

1912 – 1949 – 1978

Photography’s Deceit: Our Deceit

On Rape

About Time

The Presence of Something Past

Melody of Light


Small Myths

The Sleeping Island

Master Rituals

Conversations about Germany: Anne Morgenstern

Winter Workshops 2023

Conversations about Germany: Tobias Kruse

How to read a photobook

El juego de la madalena

Memories like falling rain

The Holistic Method of Photography

The Land of Promises

Outside Room 8

Flipping the Bird

Recommended Readings

Some Say Ice

Dall.E Vaterland

Conversations about Germany: Jonas Feige

I Just Wanna Surf

The Unassuming Photobook

The Death of the Artist (or: On the Arts Economy)

Failing Forward

“I was close to Americans”

Klara and the Bomb

Beautiful, Still.

Let’s Talk About Our Tools


Mentoring, Workshops


The Politics of American Property

The Devil Is Leaving His Cave

Abdo Shanan’s Dry

On Quitting One’s Day Job

Atelier Yamanami

Writing About One’s Photography

Laissez Faire

Perfect Pearl

Photography is a force that gives us meaning


Photography: An Insecure Craft

Cut with the Blade dada through the Last Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch of Photoland

Paris Nord

The Craft of Photography

Photography After Capitalism

The Beauty of the Body

A Conversation with Rob Hornstra

Tokuko Ushioda’s Family Photography