Fundraiser 2018

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I have been writing about photography for over a decade now, first on Conscientious and now on this site. I like writing about photography, because I like looking at photographs. Writing about photographs helps me understand them: what they are, what they do, and how they are a part of the larger world we all find ourselves in. My hope is that the resulting essays do the same for you, the reader.

But I also like writing about photography because photographs play such vast parts in our private and civic lives, so we need to understand them better. We cannot allow ourselves to be at the mercy of those who use photographs to sway us in this or that direction.

I have kept this site free from corporate sponsorship or advertising. That way, I can remain independent as a writer, without being beholden to someone whose agenda might be at odds with what contemporary criticism ought to do: ask the truly critical questions even if that challenges the various powers that be.

Access to the site was free, is free, and will always be free. Free, however, is not a widely accepted business model. I still have to pay my rent, pay my bills, pay for my groceries, pay for photobooks, pay for hosting, etc. This is why I am asking you, the reader, for your financial support: there is a fundraiser in the form of a GoFundMe page. Your contribution will help me continue doing what I have been doing.

There should be an added reward for supporters, though, and there is. After last year’s fundraising campaign, I started writing exclusive essays that supporters received in the form of emails. Roughly every three weeks, there would be something exclusive arriving.

It had been my idea to write about vernacular photography, and this is indeed what I focused on. I used my own small collection of such photographs to write about the various aspects of vernacular photography. Given I found all these photographs on eBay, the role of that site became an added aspect. Over the course of the next year, I will focus on something else.

I have come to especially enjoy this part of writing. With each essay sent out via email I felt I was able to give back to all of those who so graciously supported my work. I am really looking forward to the next round.

Thank you very much for your support! It helps me do what I do, and I cannot tell you in words how much it means to me!