Conscientious Fundraiser 2015

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For the past 13 years, I have been working on this site, which is dedicated to contemporary photography. The site has evolved along with changes in technology and my own thinking about both photography and what a website covering photography might look like. I have added new features, while removing or phasing out others. Everything is still available in the archives, which are split between the content up until mid-2012 , and everything that came afterwards . For those who are interested in accessing the thousands of pieces in a different way there is an Index.

Now, in 2015, Conscientious consists of this main site, featuring in-depth critical writing, Twitter for quick and short posts with links elsewhere, and I have been experimenting with Ello as well.

I believe that it is possible to talk about contemporary photography in a way that is accessible (and thus free of jargon), critical, and enjoyable at the same time. And that is really my goal. I also prefer running a site without advertizing and without corporate sponsorships, the former because it does the photography and writing full justice, the latter because it allows me to maintain editorial independence completely.

In the past, I did a couple fundraisers, and I now want to do one again. Working on the site involves a rather large amount of time, plus some money (for website hosting as well as buying photobooks etc.). I’m hoping to raise some funds to

— help cover existing costs
— allow me to buy more photobooks and thus support their makers (which is extremely important especially for self-published books)
— allow me to contribute more to Kickstarter efforts by photographers and to
— allow for more travels to such places as Boston or New York, to visit (and then review) exhibitions and/or meet with photographers.

To this end, I set up a fundraiser at Your financial support will thus help maintain this site. It will help me produce more content, while keeping the already existing content — all 13 years of it — freely available.

Thank you!